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How Much of a Credit Limit Increase Should I Ask For?

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If you have decided that you should try to increase your credit limit, and you know how to do it, it still brings up one more question – how much of a credit limit increase should you ask for?

You don’t want to ask for too little, because then you may be missing out on the upside of the increase. However, you don’t want to ask for too much, because that might cause them not to give you anything at all.

Unfortunately, there is no hard and fast rule. However, there are some guidelines to use.

One general guideline is to ask for about 10-25% of your current limit. If this is your first time asking for an increase, I would try to stick at about the 25% range, because that will give you a nice bump, but will also seem very reasonable to the creditor.

If you have had the card a long time and have had multiple increases, I think it would be reasonable to ask for double your current limit. I don’t know that they would give you that much, but they would at least be able to give you some type of counter offer.

Have you had success asking for a particular percentage?

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