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How Long Should You Wait to Increase Your Credit Limit?

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Once you get a new credit card, you might be wondering how long you should have the card until you try and increase the credit limit. If it is lower than you would have liked, you might want to increase as soon as possible.

However, it is usually recommended that you wait at least six months after you get the card to request and increase to your credit limit. That way, you can build up time to be seen as trustworthy by the credit card company, and build up a history or making payments on time.

Of course, this comes with the caveat that you still should not request an increase if you are going to soon be making a big purchase or applying for a big loan. That is because it could cause a short-term dip to your score, and you’ll want to be sure to request an increase well before you try to get that big loan.

So, if you get a new card, wait at least six months to request an increase to your credit limit. That should be enough time for you to build up a strong profile with the company so that they will trust you, and grant you that increase.

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  • In addition to payment behavior the banks will also consider the types of transactions charged. For example a cardholder making grocery purchases and paying the bill in full each month has a lower risk profile. Another cardholder revolving the balance and making charges on an online gambling site might have a higher risk profile.

    The first might be more likely to get an increase – even though both make on-time payments.

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