Increase Credit Limit

Increase your credit limit to increase your credit score

How is Credit Limit Determined?

Once you get your credit card, you know your credit limit. But how that total amount of credit limit is determined can be a bit of a mystery to some people.. If you want to know how high your credit limit might be, or the chances that you will get approved for credit, it helps […]

What Percentage of Your Credit Limit Should You Use?

If you want to maintain a solid credit score, what percentage of your credit limit should you actually use? Is there a magic number for a total amount of credit that you should take up, or does it not matter as long as you don’t go over your limit? First, a little background. As we […]

Going Over Credit Limit

This site is all about your credit limit, trying to make it as high as you can, and why that can help to benefit you. However, what happens if you somehow happen to go over your credit limit? There are many potential bad things that can happen if you do that: – You will likely […]


Decrease Credit Limit

While this site is all about increasing your credit limit and the benefits that it can provide. However, there is a flip side of the coin as well… can you decrease your credit limit? And how can you do it? Also, what are the repercussions from that? The first answer is that yes, you can […]

Credit Limit Calculator

One thing that not many people know much about when it comes to credit limits is how the creditors actually determine your credit limit. If you want to know how much credit limit you can expect, or what your chances of getting an increase in your credit limit are, in can help to know how […]

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Define Credit Limit

Since this site is dedicated to looking at your credit limit, we should start at the most basic level. It helps to know exactly what a credit limit is, and how to define it. One way to define it is: A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a financial institution or other lender […]

Can you decline a credit limit increase?

As we have talked about, sometimes a credit card company will try to increase your credit limit even if you don’t ask them to do that. In most cases as we’ve talked about on this site, that can be a very good thing. However, you might not actually want that increase. Sometimes, people know they […]

How To Increase Your Credit Limit

Even if you know some of the reasons that you should increase your credit limit, that information will not help you unless you know how to actually get it increased. So, here are some tips for how you can increase your credit limit. – Call the credit card company – This should be obvious, but you will have […]

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How Long Should You Wait to Increase Your Credit Limit?

Once you get a new credit card, you might be wondering how long you should have the card until you try and increase the credit limit. If it is lower than you would have liked, you might want to increase as soon as possible. However, it is usually recommended that you wait at least six […]

How To Get Credit Score For Free

We talk a lot on this site about your credit score, and how you can improve it. We have talked about how you can get your credit report for free, but it’s a little bit harder to get your credit score for free. I have been able to get my credit score for free from […]

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