Increase Credit Limit

Increase your credit limit to increase your credit score

October, 2013

Credit Limit Definition

Since this site is dedicated to looking at your credit limit, it’s important to know exactly what a credit limit is, and how to define it. One definition from the web is: A credit limit is the maximum amount of credit that a financial institution or other lender will extend to a debtor for a […]

How to repair your credit

If you did not pay much attention to personal finance early on in your life, it’s possible that your credit report and credit score do not look good. If you fall into a debt cycle, miss some payments, and do other things that can negatively impact your credit score, chances are that it won’t look […]

How Much of a Credit Limit Increase Should I Ask For?

If you have decided that you should try to increase your credit limit, and you know how to do it, it still brings up one more question – how much of a credit limit increase should you ask for? You don’t want to ask for too little, because then you may be missing out on […]

What is Considered a Good Credit Score?

With all of the talk about credit scores, and improving them, it’s important to know what creditors and lenders actually consider to be a good credit score. Credit scores go from 300 (as the lowest) to 850 (the highest). When it comes to credit score, the higher the better. Here is a rough breakdown of […]

Tame Your Credit Card Debt by Negotiating a Reduction

The following is a guest post by Michelle Blackmore. Amongst all other financial problems that most are likely to face, credit card debt happens to be one of them. In fact, as per majority consumer opinion credit card debt is one of the greatest nightmares possible and tackling it can really need some hard work. […]