Increase Credit Limit

Increase your credit limit to increase your credit score

September, 2013

How To Check Credit Report For Free

There are many sites out there that claim to give you a free check of your credit report, but most of them want you to eventually subscribe to something in which you will pay them every month for some type of service. However, there is one site that will allow you to check your credit […]

Why is credit score important?

If you are new to personal finance, you may be wondering what all the hoopla about your credit score is, and why it is actually important? It seems like it might be overblown, but when you actually assess the financial impact that it can have on you, it’s easy to see that it is one […]

Remove negative items from your credit report

It goes without saying that you should be checking your credit report at least once a year. For one thing, it can help you monitor identity theft, and make sure that nobody is using your name and social security number without you knowing about it. For another thing, there could be erroneous, negative information on […]

Do low limit credit cards help your credit score?

While this site is based around increasing your credit limit, it’s worth asking the question as to whether low limit credit cards will help your credit score, or if it’s only worth it if the card has a higher limit. The answer is that yes, they can help. For one, they can help you to […]

Increase Credit Limit With Poor Credit

A lot of the advice about increasing your credit limit seems to be geared toward people who already have good credit score. But what if you have poor credit? Is it still possible to increase your credit limit? The answer is yes. However, it’s a little harder, and may take a little bit more time. […]